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Zombie Survival Police Trainer - Free Online Zombie Shooting Game




Zombie Survival Police Trainer

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Zombie Survival Police Trainer
2.8 (56%) 5 vote[s]

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Even in the post-apocalyptic world of Zombie Survival Police Trainer our boys in blue still need schooling in a shooting. How is shooting big floating zombie heads going to prepare you for what’s out there? That’s not the point. Think zombie police academy. Point and click then shoot them down. Don’t ask questions.

Not scared enough? Remember the zombie world is merciless and bloodthirsty. Your fallen friends will rise up in their rotten possessed corpses to feast on you. The weak get left behind. So you better get practicing. It’s a classic arcade style shooting range action gun game. You’ve got a time limit, a gun, and replenishing ammo. Zoom in with space bar and don’t miss.

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Zombie Survival Police Trainer
2.8 (56%) 5 vote[s]
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