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Uphill Rush 7 | Free Online Platform Games | Crazy Tricks!




Uphill Rush 7

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Uphill Rush 7
2.7 (53.48%) 46 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
space Jump


Uphill Rush 7 is a free online Platform game from the well-known series of Uphill Rush games. Developed by Spil games, these fun platformers let you maraud around a waterpark in a donut-ring. The goal is to pull off impressive tricks, knock other bathers straight into the atmosphere, and collect as much money and flags as you can. Exhilarating from start to finish, these fun games get more and more enjoyable if you play consistently. You’ll learn tricks and when on the track to try out the most impressive quadruple spins before plunging, face-first, into a gaggle of bathing tourists.

Uphill Rush is an enjoyable Platform game with some race elements and also a fair share of skill involved. Like every free online game ever developed, the levels start out simple but quickly become more intense. There are three levels varying from simple to very difficult. Which level can you make it to? And can you pull off some impressive high scores while you’re at it?

Game information:

Developer: Spil Games
Available on: Web Browse & Mobile Browser

Uphill Rush 7
2.7 (53.48%) 46 vote[s]
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