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Temple Run - Classic Endless Running Game - Free Online Games




Temple Run

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Temple Run
3.6 (71.91%) 47 vote[s]

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Temple Run is perhaps one of the most iconic free games in recent gaming history. Developed by Imangi Studios and dreamed up by a husband-and-wife team, Temple Run and its sequel have been download over 1 billion times. Is that enough of a recommendation? If you haven’t heard of Temple Run, where have you been living for the last 7 years? Released in 2011, Temple Run birthed an entire genre of free online games, the continuous, increasingly challenging Running game.

The premise – if you’ve never come across Temple Run before – is simple. You use your arrow keys, or your fingers on your phone, to navigate a difficult weaving floating course. Duck, jump, slide and collect as many coins as you can to improve your score. In the height of its popularity, it was difficult to go through an average day at school, at work, or on the bus without someone nearby playing Temple Run. The competition was fierce and the pride of hitting an all-time high score out of your group of friends is feeling unmatched by most other free games. If you feel like caving into nostalgia, the original Temple Run is for you.

Developed by:

Imangi Studios

Available on:

Web browser, mobile browser, almost all mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc)


Temple Run
3.6 (71.91%) 47 vote[s]

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