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Super Mario Run | Check out Our Free Online Adventure Games




Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run
2.2 (43.48%) 46 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:


Super Mario Run is here! This fun, free, and online spin-off of the original Super Mario games is one not to miss. Being primarily made for browser and online PC playing, this game has transcended platforms and allows you to play with your favorite ever character on the comfort of your PC or mobile.

To progress through the levels, you need to simply avoid all of the oncoming obstacles. Make Mario jump through these platforms in this Adventure game to see how far you can get. There are loads of existing images and graphics that you will recognize from Super Mario back in the day!

Best Features of Super Mario Run:

– The same Super Mario graphics and images
– Simple gameplay which gets challenging

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Super Mario Run
2.2 (43.48%) 46 vote[s]

How to Play

The Game Super Mario Run could also shamelessly be titled: The Floatiest Italian, and no one would bat an eye. This Mario running game features all of the same excitement that the original Mario games evoked, but adds its own sense of impending danger to the mix. Whether you are a die-hard Nintendo fan boy who has played every title in this storied franchise religiously, or a casual gamer just looking for a few hours of entertainment, Super Mario Run has something for everyone. Double-jump in this adventure right now to see what all the rage is about, and escape Bowser’s wrath for as long as you can!

Gameplay Is Key When It Comes to Mustached Italian Men and Their Platforming Games

Just like any good Mario game, the gameplay itself is the core mechanic that is emphasized to players. Mario has never been a game with extraordinary graphics, or deep role-playing elements, but what Super Mario Run online does offer is tight controls and compelling gameplay. Even after you’ve sunk countless hours into the game, unlocked all of the Super Mario Run characters, collected all of the achievements and so on, you’ll still have fun trying to beat your own high scores. That’s because the game runs so smoothly.


Get used to this scene. You'll see it every time you start a new game.

The Super Mario Run Gameplay will be very familiar to old fans of the franchise. You will need to run along a 2D world and collect as many gold coins as possible. Avoid falling in pits or hitting buzz-saws, barricades and other obstacles to stay alive. Ultimately, you want to be able to run for as long as possible and set a new distance record each time you play. Checking out the global leaderboards might be a little intimidating at first, but seeing how far others have made it might also give you some inspiration to keep trying, and improving your techniques.

The difference in gameplay comes down to the lack of and “end game”. In traditional Mario games, you will eventually reach Bowser and best him in martial combat to save the illustrious Princess Peach, who always finds herself in danger. In Super Mario Run, however, you just keep running for as long as you can.

Audio and Graphics Compared to Traditional Mario Titles.

The Super Mario Run music will bring some great memories to fans of the series. All of the music and audio is authentic the the Mario universe. The same can be said about the graphics. The game looks pretty good for a free online browser game, and exists in a 2.5D world. While this is not the greatest looking Mario game, it is certainly not the worst. And best of all, it’s all available with no download required!

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

To start setting some seriously high scores in this incredible, free Super Mario game, you might want to take a few tips and tricks from a Super Mario Run walkthrough before you get started.

The first tip that you’ll need to implement right away is to employ, and take advantage of your floaty-ness. Fans of Mario games will be no stranger to the floaty mechanic associated with jumping. Usually, Mario’s brother, Luigi is the one with the high, floaty jumps, but in this game Mario receives the same benefits as his green-obsessed life-mate. To float, all you have to do is hold down the jump button while you are in the air. Many of the gaps can only be cleared if you double jump and float across them, so you will need to get good at this very quickly. In addition to clearing gaps, floating also gives you more control in the air and will help you land on platforms or climb obstacles to get to more coins.

The BIG powerup lets you smash through the level and earn tons of coins.

The next piece of important information that you’ll need to know for this stunning title is, powerups carry over to your next run. That means when you collect powerups like the coin magnet, it will still be with you even if your run ends. It appears to be linked to you on some kind of timer, because it can sometimes stay with you through several “lives”. This is important to remember because even if you die, making sure you get the coin magnet before you perish will help you secure more coins at the beginning of the level on your next pass.

Jetpack powerups aren't just convenient, they are necessary to pass certain areas.

No Super Mario Run guide would be complete without mentioning the fact that you need to work on memorization. This comes naturally anyway, but try to pay extra attention to memorizing the level, especially in places where you die. If you fall to your death, it can be easy to get frustrated and frantically click to make the game start again as quickly as possible. Instead of doing that, consider taking a second to look at the surroundings of where you died. Figure out why you missed that jump, or what went wrong on your run. If you can remember how and why you failed, you will have much better luck on the next run.

Super Mario Run All Characters

The last thing you might want to know before diving into this game head first is information about the diverse roster of characters. Just like any good Super Mario game there are several playable characters from the Nintendo universe. In addition to Mario, you can also play as faithful sidekick, Luigi, determined dinosaur, Yoshi, troublesome turtle, Koopa, pink puff, Kirby, and more!

Look at all those classic playable characters!

It is important to note that while you can have an image of these characters plastered over your face while you run, you do not actually become a new character. This means that all of the mechanics stay the same. So don’t expect any unique character traits or perks.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Super Mario Run free online game! Start running now and see how far you can make it without falling prey to Bowser’s thirsty flames. Master your techniques and memorize the level to keep improving your runs. With enough practice you can start challenging your friends to high score runs. From there, you might be able to take on the world! Good luck, and have fun, Mario fans!

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