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Super Mario Bros - Free Online Mario Game - Catapult Maro...yep!




Super Mario Bros

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Super Mario Bros
2.6 (52.14%) 84 vote[s]

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Super Mario Bros is not quite what you might expect. Rather than the iconic Mario game, this free online Mario game is like Angry Birds met Mario and had a pretty mundane child together.  Launch Mario from a catapult (honestly, what disrespect for one of the most important video game characters in all gaming history) and try to collect as many goodies as you can before running out of lives. You have a selection of different Marios and other characters that have special abilities. Flaming Mario, explosive Maria, bulky Mario…etc. Use these to complete levels and hit a target score for each level.

We got through the first levels pretty quickly, but the game gets progressively harder as you need to more accurately hit your shots and also work with the angles rather than firing Mario point blank into a group of stars.

Available on:

Web browser and mobile browser

Super Mario Bros
2.6 (52.14%) 84 vote[s]

How to Play

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