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Subway Surfers - Next-level Endless Running - Free Online Games




Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers
3.8 (76.71%) 73 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
al Left
ar Right
au Jump
ad Down


Subway Surfers is a free online Running game inspired by the extremely popular Temple Run. Generally, we call this genre the ‘endless runner’, because with enough skill the game will literally never end. Try your hardest, but if you spend the next six hours playing this game we recommend taking a break.

With a refreshing take on the classic format, in Subway Surfers you’ve got to dodge steaming trucks, slide underneath roadwork signs, and leap through the air pulling off some pretty impressive Skater tricks in the process. At first, you’re fleeing a policeman after quite rudely kicking a ball at a bird and, in the process, smashing an innocent person’s window. To be honest, we’re not sure we should be cheering you on, you little rascal.

Watch out for the trucks. To time your jump onto the roof is tricky and you’re definitely going to end up as meat-porridge more than once as you attempt to get the timing right. If you can get on top of the trucks, stick up there if you can. There are more coins but also more pressure as you have to continuously hit your jumps or you’ll go flying through the air, your skateboard and brain cells lost forever. Collect coins and unlock more gear for your skater in Subway Surfers, including skateboards, helmets and more.

Available on:

Web browser, Mobile Browser, Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)

Developed by:

Kiloo and SYBO Games

Subway Surfers
3.8 (76.71%) 73 vote[s]
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