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Police Fury - Free Online Police Shooting Game - Play Now!




Police Fury

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Police Fury
2.7 (53.68%) 38 vote[s]

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Player 1:


Full of sound and fury, Police Fury! He swore to protect and serve. Now his dark sunglasses are speckled with the red stain of fresh blood and the smell won’t come off in the wash, will he be able to live with himself? His wife barely recognizes him now, she rolls over at night. But, it’s his job to protect and serve and to do that he needs to exterminate terrorists in this single-player action gun game.

Help the officer fulfill his duty and kill all the terrorists as you march forward through the city. Point and click to shoot. But, don’t throw away your life so watch out otherwise you might get gunned down.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Police Fury
2.7 (53.68%) 38 vote[s]
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