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Pixel Road Taxi Depot Free Online Game - Taxi Driving and Racing Game




Pixel Road Taxi Depot

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Pixel Road Taxi Depot
1.9 (37.78%) 9 vote[s]

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This game features easy to use WASD controls and Minecraft graphics. Collectable coins will help boost your earnings from the road! Unlock garages and extra goodies to build your empire.

If you love Minecraft and Crazy Taxi then Pixel Road Taxi Depot is going to be right up your alley. Featuring the block world graphics of Minecraft, you are a taxi driver trying to expand his empire. Give rides and collect coins along the way to earn money to add buildings and garages to your lot. By giving faster and more exciting rides you’ll earn better tips, but be careful not to crash! Slowing down and stopping will take longer than you expect. For an added bonus and added tips, you can even drive in foggy or rainy weather. Watch those roads! They can get slick. Enjoy this driving simulator with a twist and start earning that cab fare.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Pixel Road Taxi Depot
1.9 (37.78%) 9 vote[s]
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