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Play Penguin Adventure - Free Online Adventure Platform Game - NES




Penguin Adventure

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Penguin Adventure
3.5 (70.63%) 32 vote[s]

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Get ready for some extremely satisfying platform gameplay. Penguin Adventure is a Mario-style game where you run, jump and occasionally shoot your way past obstacles to journey through the three worlds and collect as many coins as you can along the way.

You can load yourself into cannons and send yourself soaring through the sky or grab a magnet to pull all the coins around you into your pocket. In Penguin Adventure, you’ll confront many bad guys, like angry birds,  angry monkeys, spikes and piranas. Jump on top of them to defeat them, or throw rocks at them to knock them out.

Use the arrow keys to move around. Make sure you don’t run into the spikes, or off the edge of a cliff. You can duck and jump to avoid this. If you hold jump then you’ll stay in the air for longer – great for getting over long gaps and groups of enemies.

Eas fruit to get more lives, and don’t worry too much about losing a life – you’ll restart at the last save point with the lives that you had at that point. So you won’t often have to redo the whole level.

Penguin Adventure is essentially an upgrade to the classic Penguin Adventure on MSX and NES. The original console game was a blast, and this one has far superior graphics and gameplay – we’re sure you’ll love it.

Penguin Adventure
3.5 (70.63%) 32 vote[s]
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