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Parkour GO 2 Free Online Browser game - Parkour skill based games




Parkour Games

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Parkour Games
1.8 (36.34%) 131 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
shift Sprint
space Jump
l Lock Mouse


Ever watch parkour videos on YouTube and think, man I wish I could do that. Maybe you can. This game features ten levels, each with a three-star rating system. Intuitive controls allow players to load and play with ease.

Parkour GO 2 is a free online browser game that shows impressive similarities to groundbreaking parkour games like Mirror’s Edge. While the first person view seems to be a bit glitchy, the third person works great and offers players a great view of their surroundings. Controls are intuitive, so the game requires no explanation and instead lets players get right into the action. Run, jump, climb and scramble as you navigate your way through each level. Parkour GO 2 features ten playable levels of increasing difficulty which all offer a three-star rating system. Can you collect all thirty stars in this quest game?

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Parkour Games
1.8 (36.34%) 131 vote[s]
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