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Best Simulation Games - a New Online Life for Free, Live the Dream
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When does the simulation begin?

Looking for a good change? A chance to experience something new during boring office lunchbreaks? Welcome to a new life. These are free online simulation games. You can become an animal or drive a car sensibly around a detailed 3D universe. Online, and free, this selection of the best sim games includes trucks, buses, dogs, cats, trains, dating, and helicopters, just to name a few. Sim games have always had a strong showing in the world of the best browser games so we’ve collected all the greatest games right here in one place.

Detailed simulation in 1, 2, 3…

By far the most popular type of simulation games – and Goat Simulator is no doubt responsible – are animal sim games. These are free games where you take on the role of a goofy cat, dog…or goat…in a rampage around a 3D world. Hilarious and quite challenging, channel your inner animal and cause as much havoc as you can. These games are great for kids – boys and girls! Second on the list are games that offer you a chance for a virtual life. Although we quite enjoy the taste of Pizza and the smell of freshly cut grass, there is an allure to the possibility of an entirely different life, on a different timeline, in a different universe…what will you become? Other free online simulator games offer up ample servings of driving. For some reason, people really enjoy driving sensibly around cities, completing their driving tests, and, if it’s a bus or truck sim, completing relatively mundane tasks. In addition, business management plays a big part in this selection of games. Manage a restaurant, airport or hospital and build a business empire to help the people. Or, suck them dry of cash. Discover new worlds in these simulator games! Love Simulation? Want to see what else the category has to offer…like Multiplayer, perhaps? Check out these other games.
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