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Free Shooting Games - Lock and Load For Some Online Gunfire
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Take Aim in These Free Shooting Games

Blast your way through hordes of zombies. Next, standoff against foes in a multiplayer arena. Finally, shoot targets and practice your aim in one of our best and selected free online Shooting games. By far one of the most popular genres of video games ever. Now you can play an enormous amount of games with the latest triple-A levels of excitement completely free in your browser. There are games suitable for girls and boys, kids & teens, plus a variety of fun 2D and 3D shooting experiences in first and third person. As well as this, you can pick either multiplayer, 2 players, or play against the computer in a bunch of these games – the choice is yours.

What can you shoot?

Everything. And anywhere, too – including Space. Go animal hunting as a cowboy. Shoot snowmen. Even snipe some hot-air-balloons. Whatever you can think of, we’re pretty sure there is a game here in which you can shoot a bullet at it. Car shooting games are very popular and have roots in retro Arcade gaming. These sorts of games are a lot of fun to play with your friends. If you’re not keen on shooting anything real, there are plenty of targets games to play on your PC. Blast ’em to pieces with a sniper! Some Shooting games take patience and precision. Have you got what it takes to join the army? Thanks to recent development in browser graphics, many of these top games have decent 3D graphics, perfect for multiplayer arenas including the much-loved .io games! Alternatively, there has also been a rise in popularity of anything Minecraft related so you’ll find a number of pixelated shooters, too! If you’re looking for some really old-school style browser graphics, play one of the classic Stickman games. Plenty of violence & killing, hilarity, and easy-to-run graphics for any Stickman lover. Check out our top Shooting games below:
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