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Hidden Objects Games - Online Games Full of Free Mystery to Unravel
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Excellent Point and Click Adventures for Kids & Adults Alike

Free online Hidden Objects games hark back to a time of simpler graphics and stunning point-and-click adventure games. These days the stories are just as bold, but now you can play them from free on your browser. Click your way through dusty rooms in a mystery exploration or clue-finding Puzzle game, rummage through piles of words to find the right answer in a hidden word game, or find the difference in a classic Spot the Difference game! These games aren’t just for kids. Some of the more complex games will perplex adults as well as the young’uns. Girls will love exploring enormous mansions and boys will love digging through ancient tombs on the hunt for glorious treasures, all from the ease of your computer desk. Adults will be stunned senseless by the spooky, scary Hidden object games. This is our list of the best games we’ve managed to find across the Internet.

Hidden Objects Games with Puzzles & More

Hidden Objects games are full of mystery, and intentionally so. Taking inspiration from the deductive powers of one famous Detective (Mr. Holmes) many of these online games involve the finding of secret clues. Unravel the mysteries and solve crimes, save the day! Alternatively, some Hidden Objects games are quite scary, even creepy. The rooms are very still and shrouded in a dusty haze, doll faces and mannequins loom over you in the dark… If you’re not into that creepy or detective lifestyle, play a Hidden Artefacts game in 2018. Uncover lost treasures and send them off to a museum to be analyzed! You’re the hero adventurer the world of history needs right now. Whatever you’re in to, find the perfect way to pass the time and test your eyes in these Hidden Objects games for free online. If Hidden Objects games aren’t your thing, check out these other Puzzle games we have available:
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