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Free 3D or 2D PC and Mobile Browser Fighting Games - KICK BUTT!
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Think you can win these fights?

After months of training, are you finally ready to stand up and fight? These are favorite browser fighter games coming up in 2018 and into 2019. You’ll find a whole catalog of PC browser and mobile games you can play right now, listed by popularity and more. Step outside of your ordinary life and assume the role of a trained, bloodthirsty fighter in one of our latest amazing free online Fighting games.

Top types of Fighting game

Get caught up in a massive, all-out street brawl, utilizing special attacks and combo streaks to destroy your enemy in a free game with awesome 3D graphics. Take up the mantle of a karate hero in a side-scrolling classic, harking back to some of the best Fighting games on PC and mobile in gaming history. Remember! Skill-based games where you can play against your friends in a 2-player standoff are a real friendship breaker. If you don’t want to ruin years of friendship, stick with a 1 player game and beat the stuffing out of a PC opponent in a 1 v 1 game. Prefer to keep beating up real peeps? Then try a multiplayer fighting game. Some of our most popular online games include sumo wrestling with funny physics, aim & shoot archery games, and RPG progression, where you level up the same character over a series of levels. We really love those sumo games because sometimes you can play with up to 3/4 players per computer and have a pretty wild time. Whatever you’re looking for in a fighting game, you’re sure to find it here in our mega list of popular action games. We’ve got fighting games for girls, boys, kids, and adults, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try out these:
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