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Driving & Racing Games - the newest and best browser games to play now
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3D Driving & Racing Games you can play on your PC or in the car…for free!

Driving & Racing Games make up an impressive bulk of the free games available online. The two genres are great for browser games because of the relatively simple controls available on the keyboard or from your touchscreen. Take it slow in a simple parking game, or put the pedal to the metal in a fast-paced action-racing game across awesome cities. The choice is yours. Driving and Racing games have forever been the classic type of video-game. From giant Arcade games to games which feature even a small amount of cars, a bike, or a race, you’re bound to find thousands of games you’ll enjoy. Defining the two separate genres is a little more complicated: driving, we think, are games that appeal to the more realistic side of things. No crazy drift courses or a back-flipping ATV, Driving Games are more about parking or enjoying a lovely truck simulator. Racing games, on the other hand, are where things get a bit wackier. Crush your foes with the big fat tires of your roaring 3D monster truck, or ride a dirt Moto over massive ramps and pull off impressive tricks. Play on your mobile, computer or many other devices which support browsers. The coolest aspect of these free games? No download required!

Need for speed? Try out these top driving games

Driving games are generally the more realistic, simulator versions of Arcade racing games. These games can even be suitable for adults. You can ride in first person, take control from an aerial view, and enjoy plenty of fun with your friends if you want. For example, parking games and the puzzles they pose are very popular. Have you ever tried to squeeze a 2D SUV between two ice cream trucks? Alternatively, 3D sim games like driving a bus, taxi, or various trucks from milk-tankers to long-haul freight are also common. If you need some practice beforehand, try a driving school game and pass your test before hitting the road. Racing games are a different playing field altogether. Choose from a motorbike, monster truck or regular old super-car to test out your reaction speed and steering skills! These free online Racing games are ideal for kids who don’t enjoy pottering around a car park – you can even play with 2 players. For those who’d much rather be acing their friends in a multiplayer game, or taking on people from around the world, there’s also a great range of the best .io racing games available right here on Manti Games. Find the best new racing games, games up for to 3 players, and even lists of the top games you can play right now on your mobile, PC & more!

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