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The Best Free Online Animal Games - No Download, Play Now!
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Animals running loose across your browser – top games! Animal games online come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like the animals you’ll find in them. Animals often provide a good backdrop for interesting games, even multiplayer .io games. Extra special animals feature in their own titles! Play the best Zoo games, the coolest Animal simulator games & more. Become the owner of a million different pets in these PC & Mobile browser games. Some games involve you taking on the role of…let’s say… a killer cat, whereas other girl’s games include farm or zoo animals simply for the cute factor. There are also lots of Animal hunter games, if you’re into that 3D animal shooting vibe (sometimes Animal hunting is a must!) or enjoy animal warfare, attack games, or battles. There are games suitable for both boys and girls, from kids to teenagers, all the way up to animal-loving adults. Whatever sort of animal game you’re after, there are plenty of no download fun online games to choose from. This means you can play right away. Popular for both boys and girls, Animal games are great for kids to learn and play. Games such as care games, rescue games, and matching games are ideal for kids, babies, and toddlers. Some of these games feature Mahjong solving, although you will also find Action & Hunter and even Simulator games. Ever wanted to pet a baby Dalmatian or put bows in its hair? Ride a horse through wild meadows? Navigate a spaceship manned by an entire crew of chipmunks? Wait? No? Why not!? Everything is possible in one of our free online games. What kind of animals can I play as? The most popular Animal games include Horse, Pet and Dog games. There’s a real mix between farm and zoo animals. Personal preference, we guess. Though we offer chickens, ducks, and pandas, too. You can even chase fish as a cheeky cat, control a gaggle of yapping puppies through a jump racing course and live the life of a duck! In fact, one of the most popular free games to play involves taking on the role of a motivated athlete duckling character. If you can think of an animal then it’s likely there’s a game for it, though we weren’t sure which category to put the dress-up platypus games in… Ever heard of Angry Birds? It’s probably one of the most iconic free Animal games in recent history. But there are also lots of other famous animal games, such as Puppy games, Unicorn games, and games that take in the beauty of the natural world. Check out the subcategories below to get more specific about your favorite animals and play a range of awesome games. Snake Games – Classic Game Re-imagined for Browser, Free and Online Spider Games for Free Online – Spiderman, Simulators and More Chicken Games – Cluck, Cluck Chick – Play Free and Online Free Online Bunny Rabbit Games to Play Now – Cute Games for Kids Fish Games – Free Online Fishing Games for Kids – Animal Games Free Online Cat Games – Play Best Cats Games for Kids, Boys and Girls Dog Games, Free and Online – Play Dogs Games for Kids – Girls and Boys Panda Games, Play Free Online Games Where You Are a Cute Panda Penguin Games, Free and Online Games to Play For Kids, Boys and Girls Free Online Pet Games – Animal Games for Kids, Girls and Boys Dragon Games, Play for Free Online – Best New PC and Mobile Games Pig Games, Free and Online – Great games for kids who love mucky pigs Shark Games – Free online Shark chaos, great for kids & older teens Monkey Games – Play New Games with Monkeys, Free and Online Horse Games, Free and Online – New No Download Kids Animal Games Play Dolphin Games Online – Free Dolphin Shows where you’re the star Dinosaur Games – Free Online Prehistoric Animal Games – 3D and more Free Online Sheep Games – Play Farm Animal Games Now Duck Games, Free Online Games with shooting, cute fluffles & more Snail Games, Free Online Games for your PC and Phone – Play Now Squirrel Games, Online and Free Sneaking and Flying Critters Free Online Unicorn Games – Party in a world of magic, great for girls Free Online Worm Games – Word Games, Puzzles and .io Fun
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