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Free & new Action & Adventure games for your Mobile & PC Browser
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ACTION & ADVENTURE GAMES: Single Player Shooter Chaos, Multiplayer Madness!

There are many types of free online Action games. Destroy waves of invading aliens in a tower defense bonanza, then collect their zombie skulls and adorn your defenses in a gruesome display of your dominance. Eviscerate your way through ugly-looking bad guys in shooting games from the Wild West all the way to realistic present-day combat. Survive wars, escape prisons, rush and jump from game to game in our selection of the best Action-Adventure games from across the deepest, most secret corners of the internet. All awhile, watch the impressive score mount up on the side of the screen. Earn an eventual hard-fought victory over your enemies and sit back, proud of your achievements. You don’t even have to wait for a download with these games. Strike now, soldier!

Categories of Action Games

We have the top online Fighting Games, Army Games, Flying Games and many more. Watch Stickman fight it out in bloody 1-on-1 combat, play 2D/3D Killing games, or spend hours building and cultivating the perfect character in a free RPG game. Action car & racing games are always popular, and there are even 2 player local Action games to play with your friend, sat side-by-side on the same computer. Shooting games and strategy games in an MMO or platform setting are other popular formats and they’re all encompassed inside Action games. It’s easy to dip-in-and-out of an Action game: get a taste of the chaos, then return to everyday life as if just minutes earlier you weren’t popping zombie heads. Not sure what sort of free game you’re after? Join the army and go to war. Check out these various games categories to refine your search:

Many different varieties, including tower defense & adventure, playable from wherever you are

Most games run in HTML5 and are accessible from both web browser and mobile browser on tablets and phones, which means you can access our collection of free online games from wherever you are. Play your favorite tower defense game without annoying mobile advertisements, take the battle to the enemy, and taste victory in one of our many Action games. You can even play with your friends. We have a great selection of the most played games and we’re always on the look-out for the hottest releases.

Just what are action games?

Over and over again, new action games rule supreme at the top of the most played games in the world. They appeal to adults and kids alike and will get you completing mission after mission. Defined as games that combine hand-eye coordination, reaction time and the ability to overcome challenges, they often excel as multiplayer games. They offer up an experience of a different, more exciting life that appeals to the average gamer. Blast a zombie to pieces, if you feel like it. Don your armor and survive this siege of the top pure action available for your Mac, Mobile or PC browser.
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