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Mr Vengeance Act - FPS Games - Rail Shooting Games




Mr Vengeance Act

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Mr Vengeance Act
4.4 (88.64%) 44 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
space Reload


In Mr. Vengeance Act you play AS Mr. Vengeance. Equipped with a silenced uzi, break into the seedy underworld of corrupt fight clubs and gangsters. You’ll need quick reflexes, a keen eye, and deadly accuracy to dispatch your enemies before they take you out. Be careful with your ammo or you’ll be a sitting duck when the next round of bad guys show up!

Mr. Vengeance features simple, yet effective graphics. Enemies are easily separated from the background with well contrasting shades of black and white. Your gun feels responsive, effective and clean, and drops your enemies quickly as long as you can hit their heads. Can you clean out the fight clubs and restore justice to the city in this awesome escape game?

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Mr Vengeance Act
4.4 (88.64%) 44 vote[s]
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