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2.3 (45.71%) 7 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
c GoldMine
e House
r Castle
f Mage Tower
t Soldier
y Knight
u Archer
i Barbarian
m Mage
o Dragon
p Ballistar
s Sapper
k Troll

Description is a fun .io game with a strategic twist. If you enjoy Empire builders and games where you control an army, but also enjoy the simple gameplay of a free online .io game, is a great choice. You start off as a lowly lord, just entering the world with a sword and a handful of gold. Explore territories, collect more gold, and always keep your eye out for a potential gold mining spot. Set up your first mine and a few houses nearby to counter for your burgeoning population, but also to give yourself the manpower from which to recruit soldiers, dragons and trolls.

Yep, you heard us. Although you just start off a lowly lord, through the magical .io process of slow progression while defending and attacking nearby enemies, you’ll end up as a powerful King with the command of a mythical army. The main objective of is to take down the central fortress in the center of the map – whoever claims the fortress wins the game and gets a bunch of loot as well! We consider this game a Quest game, and it fits the medieval theme.

General tips and tricks for Lordz .io are to establish a secure holding around at least one Goldmine. Upgrade it constantly and get it to a good level, then build plenty of houses and castles. Once you’ve got a steady source of income, scout your surrounding area for the gold lying around and start to build your army! Watch out for the other Lords, although the point of the game is to destroy the central fortress, you’ll find certain players have a taste for PvP instead…
2.3 (45.71%) 7 vote[s]
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