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Ice Cream Games - The Beach Bar 1 Player Speed Shopping Game.




Ice Cream Games

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Ice Cream Games
3.2 (63.22%) 149 vote[s]

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Player 1:


People have enjoyed Ice Cream for millenniums. You bet our ancestors were holding sweet frozen snacks as they walked hand and hand out of the cradle of humankind. Remember your first summer job serving ice cream on the pier? Relive those sweet youthful memories in Ice Cream Games, a great simulation speed shopping game.

Choose between three levels and challenge yourself to this tough Ice Cream stand shopping game. Click and point to prepare and make a variety of orders. Serve up the locals some cool beach treats. Better be quick as you’ve got some impatient customers waiting in line and if the time runs out, you’ll be out too — on the street. Don’t get fired and collect your tips as you move up the levels and the orders come thick and fast.

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Ice Cream Games
3.2 (63.22%) 149 vote[s]
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