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Fish Eat Fish 3 - Free Online Browser Games to Play Now




Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

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Fish Eat Fish 3 Players
3.8 (76.92%) 26 vote[s]

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Fish Eat Fish 3 Players features your choice of playable fish and an all you can eat buffet of other fish in the pond.
Fish Eat Fish is a simple yet addicting browser game that pits the players’ fish against an endless onslaught of NPC fish. Eat fish smaller than your own to grow in size and add to your high-score. Play with up to two friends as all three participants aim to take charge of the pond. Will you work together or crush your friends in your quest for the crown? These days the Battle Royale format is all the rage. Consider Fish Eat Fish the Battle Royale of the ocean. Use your cunning to evade hostile fish and be the last one swimming in this animal game.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser

Fish Eat Fish 3 Players
3.8 (76.92%) 26 vote[s]
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