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Feed Us 5 - Free Online Killing Games - Feed the Piranha...




Feed Us 5

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Feed Us 5
3.4 (67.16%) 81 vote[s]

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You’re a hungry, hungry Piranha in Feed Us 5, the fifth installment in the bloody Feed Us series where you take on the role of a bloodthirsty fish. Get to know your bearings first, do a bit of flip-flopping around and munch on your first victim. There are a set of challenges to complete so keep your eye out to get a better score and be a better fish. This free online Killing game is exactly that: all you have to do is drag your victims down to the bottom of the water and chew off their skin. Smash your way out of the aquarium (taking out a few innocent patrons on the way out) and flee down the hill towards the lake.

Feed Us 5 is from a long line of popular free online games. Not much has changed since the original Feed Us game was released, as the formula is pretty timeless and always enjoyable. Dragging innocents down to the bottom of the ocean, lake, river, or aquarium swimming pool is a flawlessly fun experience. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Piranha – why not? – then Feed Us 5 is the top pick…of course, it’s probably the best free online Piranha game out there.

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Feed Us 5
3.4 (67.16%) 81 vote[s]
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