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Player 1:

Description is a very popular MMO Fighting .io game in which the basic principles of .io games (the more you kill, the bigger you get) are brought into a medieval battlefield of vicious warriors. We really love because it’s actually very challenging – you start out as just a lowly, club-wielding brute and you have to face off against enormous Samurais with swords eight times as large as your body. There is a huge range of different evolutions to unlock, and as you progress it becomes harder and harder to reach the next level. Once you’re big you can feast on the little warriors, but they don’t offer much XP.

Like all .io games, this game has very simple game mechanics and controls. Perfect for a free online game you can pick up and play in your browser. Mouse to move, left click to swing your weapon, left click for a little speed boost. That speed boost is the most essential part of your arsenal. If used correctly you can outplay even much larger enemies. You know what they say – the larger they are, the harder they fall. You can dart and smack their body when they’re charging up their next swing.

There are up to 23 separate evolutions in and the game is updated fairly regularly. You’ll have no trouble finding a full server of weapon-swinging maniacs from across the globe.

Best features of

– Multiple evolutions and characters to play, but you’ll need to win games to unlock them!
– Pretty intense action for a game with such simple mechanics – can you take out one of the giants?

Game Information:

Available on: Web browser, mobile browser, Apps for iOS and Android
Developed by: Night Steed S.C
2.5 (50.69%) 58 vote[s]
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