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Aqua Running, Free Online Browser Games, Sports Games




Aqua Running

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Aqua Running
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Game controls

Player 1:
al key-ar


Aqua Running is a sports and running game that lets you compete against other high caliber sprinters. You’ll start with a quick and easy 100m dash. If you win you will be rewarded with moving up to the next rank and trying to 200m dash. All you need to do is alternate pressing the right and left arrow keys as quickly as you can until you reach the finish line. Your competition is fierce to make sure is your technique is flawless!

The most unique part about Aqua Running, and the reason for its name is that your races take place in an aquarium tunnel. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and sea creatures as you race against the other sprinters!

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser
Developer: 123BEE

Aqua Running
1 (20%) 2 vote[s]
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