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Cute Game - Cute Matching Reaction & Speed Game - Free Online!




Cute Game

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Cute Game
2.7 (54.42%) 43 vote[s]

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Cute Game
2.7 (54.42%) 43 vote[s]

This is Cute Game, a pretty straightforward Reaction & Speed game with a cute setting. There’s a long queue of squishy animals lined up and you have to send them off to party with their friends! Match them one by one to their partners by sending them left or right – sound easy enough? Yeah, right. These squishies are all muddled up. You’ll get four blue squishies in a row followed by one brown squishy then six yellow squishies and all of a sudden you’ve got a squishy pie and you’ve sent the cuties off to random partners! They’re not very happy with that.

The faster you go the more combos you’ll stack up in Cute Game. That means more points. Fairly easy, at first, but once all four animals have been introduced the faster you go the more complex the game becomes. Tricky with a mouse, we imagine this game is easier played on a mobile device where you can use your fingers to tap. Having to move your mouse side-to-side each time you want to send a cute little friend off to their partner can be a bit tricky. Check out Cute Game if you love all cute free online games.

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