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Cold Crime

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Cold Crime
2.8 (55%) 4 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:


Cold Crime is a sidescrolling action game where your stickman must defeat other stickmen and save the stick world. Use four different guns in combination with jumps and manoeuvring to take down your enemies before they blast you. Be sure to grab the health pickups that they sometimes drop. You’re going to need them!

In the seedy underbelly of the stick world, there is an unspeakable crime. It seems that there is only one man fit to save the world. That man is you (as Mr. Stick). Clean up the streets and fight your way through multiple levels to discover the dark origin of the chaos that has been clouding the stick world.

Game Information:

Available on: Web Browser
Release Date: 2009

Cold Crime
2.8 (55%) 4 vote[s]
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