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Castle Hotel - The Hotel Castle Simulation - Simulation Games




Castle Hotel

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Castle Hotel
3 (60.49%) 163 vote[s]

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Player 1:


Melvin and Manuela need your help to make their Castle Hotel a success! They’ve poured all their money and efforts into turning an old castle into a luxury hotel, but will you help make their dream of running a beautiful castle hotel a reality by lending a hand? Your job is to turn this hotel into a success and get the business booming. Otherwise, it might close for good and Melvin and Manuela will become bankrupt and destitute.

In this Hotel Games, With the help of their trusted employees Bessie and Bill, you will need to use your mouse to click and point at the items the guests need and keep up the smooth running of the business. The more customer satisfaction the more cash you earn, and as you level up you will be able to spend your hard earned dollar on improving the hotel.

Game Information:

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Castle Hotel
3 (60.49%) 163 vote[s]
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