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Play Best Cars for Snow - Free Online Car Driving Simulator Flash Game




Best Cars For Snow

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Best Cars For Snow
4 (79.12%) 91 vote[s]

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Best Cars for Snow is an epic driving game where play as a character from the Cars movie. You’ll speed into incoming traffic, collecting stars and fuel along the way with a cover of the Rolling Stones’ Route 66 playing in the background. The graphics on this car driving simulator are awesome, which totally adds to the fun.

If you’re a fan of car games, then this will not disappoint. The aim is, of course, to get as high a score as possible. The trick, however, is to focus more on the red petrol jerry cans, rather than the stars – the game is over when you run out of fuel, and collecting as much as possible will help to survive, and thus score higher. Also, watch out for bumping into things, it reduces your fuel.

The game is similar to the classic Frogger game for Windows – one of the earliest flash games, and a cult classic among gamers. If you like Frogger, then you’ll love this driving simulator game with neat graphics.

See how far you can drive in Best Cars for Snow game now – and then compare your score with your friends. Try it now and watch out for incoming traffic. Sunday drivers!

Best Cars For Snow
4 (79.12%) 91 vote[s]
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