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Avatar Arena - Defeat Avatar Masters in this Magic Fighting Action Game.




Avatar Arena

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Avatar Arena
2.9 (58.97%) 39 vote[s]

Game controls

Player 1:
space Attack


Avatar Arena lets you fight as one of the four elemental nations – the Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads – from the critically acclaimed animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Relive the magic and use your “bending” powers to defeat your opponent. Choose a character and learn the skill combinations to perform more powerful attacks and get the high score in this action fighting combat game.

Decades before the Great War, when all four nations were living in harmony, a bending master from each nation gathered in a tournament and competed for riches and glory. Pick your side and use your bending art to be triumphant.

Game information:

Available on: Web Browser

Avatar Arena
2.9 (58.97%) 39 vote[s]
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