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Description is perhaps one of the most iconic games in recent free online gaming history. Developed by Marcus Valaderes, a Brazillian developer who announced the game on 4chan in 2015, has inspired countless similar .io games and almost single-handedly spawned one of the most popular genres of free browser games ever. Considered an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, in you exist as a single cell that must eat other cells to grow larger. Once the player has amassed a certain volume the cell can be split in two, and can further split to feast into other cells or escape from larger opponents.

The main aim of this skill game is to reach the top of the scoreboard. It’s not an easy game, and you’ll experience a lot of frustration as you try to climb the leaderboard. Your biggest problem will be the larger cells – if you’re small fry, the larger cells won’t both with you. Once you reach a larger – but not quite super-large – size, you’re free-game to be enveloped by one of the players at the top of the leaderboard. is a cut-throat game that has been suggested to represent the inherently competitive nature of all life on earth. CONSUME. received positive critical reviews and rocketed to popularity in the year of its release, and now almost 3 years later the game has been updated to include many features (including skins, an experience system, and a purchasable currency) and is still played by millions of people each month.

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Game Features:

  • Classic gameplay; accredited as the inspiration for some of the most popular free browser games
  • Addictive and competitive – you’ll form friendships and hatreds for other players
  • Satisfying and rewarding gameplay: once you get big, it’ll be hard to stop playing

Game Information:

  • Available on: Web browser, mobile browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & many other devices
  • Developer: Marcus Valaderes
2.8 (55.76%) 33 vote[s]
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